Feel better every day with the power of positive psychology

Give yourself a daily boost with Bounce's evidence-based exercises, lovingly handcrafted to help you on your journey towards better mental health

Feel better every day

Give yourself a daily boost with Bounce's lovingly handcrafted exercises

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A happier, healthier you

Boost optimism

Practice positive thinking, and learn to notice and expect the good things in life

Increase resilience

Everyone has low points. Build resilience and make sure you can bounce back

Regulate emotions

Challenge negative thoughts, and develop healthy thinking habits

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Build connections

Nurture your support network, and strengthen bonds with friends and family

Meet goals

Learn to face challenges head-on, and treat setbacks as opportunities

Thrive at work

Discover your strengths, and form habits around them in your daily life

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Don't just take our word for it

My favourite thing about Bounce is that instead of just reading about how to help myself feel better, I find I have actually LEARNT how to do it, I remember it and I can put it into practise. Life changing stuff. Thanks a million Bounce!


Chloe Upton

Graphic designer

I had anxiety and related issues last year. I wanted daily mindfulness practice, but meditation and things like Headspace do not work for me. This, however, absolutely does. Thank you!


Tim Elliott

Marketing Strategist

I found that speaking to Bounce everyday has definitely improved my daily outlook, and reminds me to take a breath and think of things as they are, and not let my anxiety get in the way of my life!


Kristina Chapman

Community Manager

Opens in Facebook Messenger, no other signups or installs required

Your mental health, now a daily habit

Configure your settings in Bounce

Tailor your experience

Set daily goals. Choose the perfect reminder time, and how often you want them. Pause or stop reminders at any time.

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Stay on track

Get a streak started by meeting your goal for the day, and keep it going for as long as you can. See how far you've come with friendly exercise badges.

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